Bloody Rain on Beatportal!

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Lewis Dene never sleeps! He dropped another wonderful review on Beatportal for my latest release on Sismic Music Bloody Rain!

The Heels ‘Bloody Rain’ on Sismic Music is a wonderful pastiche of 1980s electric synth pop, with a melody that reeks of familiarity and a feel not unlike Rockwell’s ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’.

But don’t let that reference fool you as this über cool Gallic instrumental will suck you in with its enveloping sound with each successive looped bar.

Created by the talented Basile Fanon (aka Wize), who delivers another offering that’s very much in the current big room electronica sound.

Phat, tech-etched and twisted that also works extremely well in Leeroy Daevis and Slow Motion’s respective new wave electrophonic funk mixes that keep you wanting more long after the run out (or whatever the digital equivalent maybe these days!)

Lewis, thank you very much for your support!