We Have Band - Someone (Wize Remix)

We Have Band – Someone (Wize Remix)

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We’ve covered French producer Wize before, and we really enjoy what he’s accomplished so far with his take on house music, but this latest remix of We Have Band’s “Someone” goes just one step further on every level. The beat has plenty of energy, but Wize makes sure nothing feels too strained, and the synth hits that punctuate the rolling basslines are bright and effortless.

We Have Band has already seen some considerable success playing smooth indie-pop tracks like “Modulate” and “Save Myself”, so the combination between them and Wize was one fated for success from the start. Yes, there’s something to be said for a remix that represents the synthesis of two very different styles, but there’s also magic to be made when two artists that already seem to be on the same musical wavelength join forces. This remix represents the latter combo, and the ultra-slick track that was birthed by these two artists’ collective vision is something you’re not going to want to pass up on. Both Wize and We Have Band are on the rise, so expect a lot more where this came from from both parties, but until then, soak this one up. – Chris Danks, Hilly Dilly