Wize produces RLP’s On Your Side

RLP - On Your Side
RLP - On Your Side

RLP & I put our hands on a brand new production mixing RLP’s soulful influence and my energic grooves. It’s called On Your Side and it’s already hugely supported by DJ’s Around the world…


Philippe B (France) – RLP is back !!!

Jerry Ropero (Germany) – Really great,man!! It funks up!! I will play it and chart it.

Antoine Clamaran (France) – Count on my full support.

Dave Wareing (UK) – sounds really big ! Peaktime !

DJ Kenn (Belgium) – Excellent electro-ish groovy track… Add my support.

DJ Markus (Tune Brothers, Germany) – It’s great ! I will support it. 9/10 – i think the track will be massive in the clubs.

David Vendetta (France) – Thanks for the promo and count on my support. A sure shot on the dancefloor.

Greg Ceronne (France) – Super vibe. This should go well in the clubs.

Greg Di Mano (France) – Will surely play it on my radio shows and in my sets.

DB Cooper (Poland) – I’m playing this one every night all summer !

Sami Dee (France) – Great Track, slamming & grooving, it gives you this special energy you need at 3 am on the Dancefloor.

Spencer Parker (UK) – Really good track. Love it !

Wei-Shen Mak (Australia) – …your track fuckin’ rocks mate!! A fack stack of funk and energy … tune! Absolute tune!!

Bobby Blanco (UK) – Wow!!!! You’re Hot Baby !!!!! Its really good, the problem i have with most of that so called sound is the lack of melody and funk……. but u got ’em both going on!!

Russel Pollitt (UK) – Big Solid sound, that is sure to work it’s magic on the peaktime floors. Electro mix is the one !

Didier Sinclair (Radio FG -France) : really great work, good trip. Massive reaction on the dancefloor. 8/10. Long life… ENJOY !

Dave Lambert (UK) : Couldn’t wait and i must say this rocks ! Nice one in my next chart 4 sure! Will also pass this in my radio shows!

DJ Mannix (UK) : In my chart !!

Andy Benge (UK) : many thanks for sending this over I really like it! Great funky groover! will be getting my support on the dancefloors!.

Stonebridge (Sweden) : Sounds good to me !!!

JEROENSKI (Holl) : Very much into this, will give it a few spins over the weekend but it sounds wicked over the small system already…!!!

GRANIT & FUNK (USA) : Love it mate. Will play it this week-end

AUDIO JACKERS (UK) : It’s great ! I will chart it for sure.

Paul Farris (UK) : Solid, phat, funkee sounding track, sure to get support from me sir!

Dan Marciano (France) : c tres frais , energique , bonne vibe 🙂 j’aime beaucoup ! je le metterais dans ma prochaine emission sur fg / really fresh, great vibe, i like it a lot, i will play it on my radio fg show.


RLP has been mixing records since 1979 when he started DJing in Montréal, Canada.
After playing in the city’s biggest clubs, he witnessed the fine art of «monsieur» Larry Levan himself at NYC’s Paradise Garage and played at the lendary Danceteria, New York.

He moved to Paris to impose his own art of mixing in 1983 to the french audience. Little did he know that he would break grounds and introduce mixing and scratching to the french audiance.
Producer of his own radio shows at the age of 20 on the mythical Paris RADIO 7 radio station, he soon started his DJ residencies at 2 of Paris hottest Clubs : LES BAINS DOUCHES and LE PALACE.

Ever since, he is featured in the country’s biggest and best clubs. With over 100 club dates per year, RLP is surely one of France’s TOP RATED DJ.


Basile Fanon
Basile Fanon
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