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From the haunting opening bars of Cool Sunshine’s ‘My Love From Recife’, you know you’re in good hands as Bargrooves The Ibiza Summer Collection joins the dots between gentle balearia to mass dancefloor hysteria. On CD1 we’re led in gently through tunes like the electro-tinged Bondi by Seb Davidson and the funky house, horn-led vocal refrains of Anette Taylor’s Faith. Max Sedgely’s classic Happy also gets an energetic rerub, courtesy of a Go Home Productions remix and we can now feel the start of the evening kicking in as the pace gets lifted. By the time the awesome electronic soundscape that is Djuma Soundsystem ‘Les Djinns (check out the awesome Trentmoller remix) and the brilliant Wize’s Heaven hit the decks, you know we are now truly locked in the groove.
CD2 strips it back again with pared-down vocal house from the likes of Tim Fuller on Slightest Touch and Ian Pooley and Majik J’s driving piano-led Heke. Before long though, we’re back in the freak zone with the late-night deep house synth stylings of Kirk Degorgio’s massive Starwaves and bassbin-blowing build up of Oliver Lang’s Dancing Girls. Finally, Swedish house don Axwell signs us off with his fat remix of Bob Sinclar’s anthem Feel For You, giving this stone-cold classic a hard electronic edge that brings it bang up to date with the summer ’07 Ibiza sound

Disc 1

1. My Love From Recife : Akisy
2. Siroi Mayu (Cortes Aventgarde mix) : Hideo Obayashi
3. Bondi : Seb Davidson
4. Faith (Copyright dub) : Annette Taylor
5. Music (Makes You Groove) (Christian Hornbostel rem : Jochen Pash
6. House Energy : Jak Jaxon
7. From The Stars : Montilla
8. Happy (Make You Happy) (Go Home Productions mix) : Max Sedgley
9. Diablo : Oliver Lang
10. Make It On Your Own : Jon Silva
11. Magic Roundabout : Timo Garcia
12. Les Djinns (Trentmoller remix) : DJ Uma Soundsystem
13. Heaven : Wize
14. Sid Bubble (Yer Man mix) : JdotP

Disc 2

1. So Good Today (Yoruba Soul remix) : Ben Westbeech
2. He’s Getting On My Nerves : Daniel Bove feat No Dolls
3. The Slightest Touch (Chicken Lips mix) : Tim Fuller
4. Heke (Pooley’s Gone Bealaric mix) : Ian Pooley & Magik J
5. *To The Beat : Saeed Younan
6. As Good As It Get’s : Wonderland Avenue
7. Come On Everybody : Fred Everything
8. Speed Up : Funkerman
9. Starwaves (Spiritcatchers Time Modulator mix) : Kirk Degiorgio pres Esoterik
10. Wrong Number (Greg Kobe mix) : Johan Ilves
11. Dancing Girls : Oliver Lang
12. Undisco Me (Edison Dub mix) : Billie Ray Martin
13. Feel For You (Axwell mix) : Bob Sinclar

Oliver Lang

Oliver Lang – MySpace

Oliver Lang is having the time of his life at the moment. Having spent the last few years playing here, there and everywhere, it seems that his ship has finally come in (Manchester Evening News July 2005.)

The arrival of Oliver Lang at the forefront of clubland has been as well-timed as one of his mixes. 2005 has been a monster step forward for the Mixmag Future Hero as he continues to go from strength to strength with Serious Artist Management…

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