Wize – Musique – Avangardia

Feedback Volume 2


After nearly a year since the release of it’s first volume, Ricky Ryan’s Feedback series returns for its second installment. Composed nearly entirely of exclusive tracks previously unreleased, this massive 21 track DJ mix will be available for download free to all Proton Radio members followed by an epic dual LP release on Proton Music and Avangardia.

From house to funky to progressive to disco, acid and electro, the compilation features an all-star roster that includes Blendbrank, Dumb Dan, Matt Rowan, Shafunkers, Subsky, Bart Van Wissen, Wize, and many more. Alongside the big names comes an impressive line up of upcoming artists that will be taking the scene by storm in the coming months such as Island 9, Nightriders, Latenta Project, and Claes Rosen.

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