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I’m proud to announce my brand new track « Freedom« ! Discover now the Dub Mix, and watch out a vocal version real soon!

Lewis Dene, 5 out of 5 on DMC Update

Basile Fanon, the mastermind behind the act and label of the same name, is equally talented at making the sort of records you instantly feel at home with, crafting irritably catchy instrumentals that just reek of crossover potential. ‘Freedom’ is no different, and sticks to the tried-and-tested adage of less-is-more: the balance of delicate chords, shuffling percussive loops and floating melodies makes for an irresistible recipe. As if the opening bars of ‘Born Slippy’ and Robert Miles’ Children’ had met and had a bastard offspring the resultant would be this hauntingly beautiful number.

Basile Fanon
Basile Fanon
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