The Heels – Bloody Rain (Fat Phaze Remix) Video!

To start the buzz around my brand new production under the name of The Heels, we decided to film Fat Phaze himself burning the dancefloor with his own remix of Bloody Rain!For those of you for whom Bloody Rain doesn’t ring a bell just have a quick jump to this post talking about the winners of the remix contest organized for the occasion.Hope you’ll enjoy what you see and hear! 🙂

Fat Phaze

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Olivier Huguenard, DJ for 15 years and Emmanuel Plégat, musician and composer, started their cooperation in 1998.They quickly developed a very specific sound in their productions, as a signature, synonym of power and efficiency on the dance floors.Many projects came out, included one in a major company (Fizz), but FAT PHAZE project actually started in 2001 to freely express electro 80’s influences from their teens influences made of enthralling melodies and atmospheres, and entrancing choruses. This parisian duo mixes with talent peppy rythms and harmonies, and mostly uses analogical sounds to transmit their musical universe.

The result of the growing complicity between Emmanuel, musician and Olivier, DJ, is now a matured project with own identity and recognizable style. For integrity they kept through their releases, major artists and producers such as Moonbootica, Sharam Jey, Mylene Farmer, Lottie, Da Fresh (and many more) took interest in their work. So started cooperations and frienship, giving you remixes from/for FAT PHAZE these 3 past years.

Their fame increasing, strong labels such as Polydor, Missdemeanours rec, King Kong rec, Underwater, Work it Baby (and others) invited FAT PHAZE to work with them. Thanks to the confidence various producers and labels grant, FAT PHAZE experiments with great pleasure and opens up on new horizons.

Next step ? one album and one live set?

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