Lyric & Roy Brizman – Poetry In Motion (Wize Remix) – Startling Beats

After Hernan Cerbellos – Tha Haus Ep, Startling Beats is about to lunch a new massive release (SB 009) produced by ultra talented duo Lyric & Brizman.“Poetry In Motion“ says all ! Definately a track worth to check out! Track release include Original, Zi Abre classical and Wize remix.Release due December 26th 2006.

Roy Brizman

Roy Brizman is a well known and respected DJ in Israel’s night life circuit. Ever since he started to catch the dance music « bug » when he was at the tender age of 13, he knew that this was his destiny. Born and raised in Holon (Israel), Roy started to spin in private parties and small venues all over Tel-Aviv and his big opportunity to break through came when he was only 16. He was chosen to be the resident DJ at « Fifth Avenue », a popular club with a capacity of over 2000 people each night At the age of 18 Roy moved to the big city: Tel-Aviv and started to spin at the first Dance-Bar that opened his gates – « Ministry Of Sound »…

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