MARCH 2008

Hi folks, here is my brand new podcast episode! Don’t hesitate to give me some feedback. I put some exclusive pieces such as Wize presents The Heels – Bloody Rain out on Sismic Music or Jan Peters – Eurospace (Wize Remix) on Red Sessions Records… Enjoy the show!

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  1. ARA vs Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Vocal Mix) – Gotham Grooves
  2. Stonebridge – Close To Heaven (Dumb Dan Remix) – Stoney Boy
  3. Hernan Cerbello – On Your Own – Avangardia
  4. Re-Zone – Dont Wanna Be Your Prisoner (Dub Mix) – Bug Eyed Records
  5. Floy – Fallen Empire (Main Mix) – Soulheat Records
  6. Jan Peters – Eurospace (Wize Remix) – Red Sessions Records
  7. Max Demand – Mercury – Balkan Connections
  8. Soultan, Ned Shepard & Maher Daniel – Itajai Vibes (Wize Remix) – Sick Watona
  9. Fat Phaze – Let Me In (Original Mix) – Sismic Music
  10. Wize presents The Heels – Bloody Rain (Extended Dub Mix) – Sismic Music


Basile Fanon
Basile Fanon
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  1. Nice selection as usual Basile!!! Re-Zone sounds amazing with hard tunes and ur remixes are great…lots of success!!!!

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