JUNE 2008

Hello bro’s! Here is my brand new podcast episode!

Lot’s of hot stuffs here! From the very braxe-like Stellar Way by Acos Coolkas on Theomatic Records to the storming Uncle Fly by Timo Garcia N’ Ricky Stone remixed by Laurent Pepper on Berwick Street Records!

And of course two forthcoming Wize pieces: Grand Voyage to be released on Sismic Music and Heart & Soul by Yvel & Tristan on Avangardia!

Enjoy the show! 🙂

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  1. Acos Coolkas – Stellar Way – Theomatic Records
  2. Nosmo V Kris B – One For The Road (Ben Brown 2008 Deep Mix) – Nightshade Music
  3. Lissat & Voltaxx – House Music All Night Long (Nick In Time & Roman.k Remix) – Ministry Of Sound
  4. Felguk – Do You Like Bass (BLENdbRANK Mix) – Bug Eyed Records
  5. Wize – Grand Voyage (Dub Mix) – Sismic Music
  6. Timo Garcia & Ricky Stone – Uncle Fly (Laurent Pepper Remix – Ricky Ryan Edit) – Berwick Street Records
  7. Lenny Fontana & Mike Morin – Brooklym Medlom (Mashtronic Remix – Ricky Ryan Edit) – Mashtronic Music
  8. Holosound – Nightly News (Karran & Porter Remix) – Citric Recordings
  9. Yvel & Tristan – Heart & Soul (Wize Remix) – Avangardia
  10. Artego – Nebo & Zemlya (Wize Remix) – Artego Music
Basile Fanon
Basile Fanon
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