Quentin Mosimann – C’est l’Amour (Wize Remix)

Quentin Mosimann - Duel - Universal Music France

Hello everyone, let me present you my latest remix for nothing less than 2008 Star Academy winner Quentin Mosimann. His LP is devided in 2 CD with both different styles.

The first CD is jazzy and swing and the second one sounds electro with exclusive remixes by producers from all over the world including me!

I remixed the track C’est l’Amour huge 80’s hit that Quentin reworked in a very original and catchy way.

The album Duel will be released on August 18th 2008 but you can already pre-order a copy on www.virginmega.fr.

I wish Quentin a big success for his album!

Basile Fanon
Basile Fanon
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  1. what a great info.

    Our great remixer is now dealing with universal

    I like this new track

    Best are coming

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